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About Masks International Show

Masks International Show, known as M.I.S., is an innovative entertainment company that specializes in creating stunning theatrical shows inspired by the famous Carnival of Venice.

Upcoming Events

Find our exciting upcoming theatrical productions and special events that will be enjoyable for any theatergoer

M.I.S. Products

Vizard Wedding®

Having been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, we established our reputation as the leading creators of beauty and magic at all wedding ceremonies.

If you're serious about making your wedding the special one, make sure to see what we've got for you.

Vizard Entertainment®

Let us be that magical spark of joy and glory that ignites your guests' excitement at your very special life moments

This service will be available in fall 2017.

Vizard Creative Studio®

Stop thinking about how to reinvent the wheel. Leave it to us!
Explore a new approach to connecting your existing and prospective customers with your brand and products using customized images created by our expert team.

This service will be available in fall 2017.

Support Masks International Show

Do you know that ticket sales account for a quarter of the true cost of sustaining an entertainment company the size of M.I.S.? The generosity of donors is vital.
As a non-profit organization, we're always looking for partners and sponsors to help local artists and dancers to express their creative talents through performing arts.